I haven’t posted in awhile and to be very honest, I haven’t been on top of my game.

I told myself I needed to get back to coding but I simply couldn’t. I didn’t know how to continue. Self-teaching without guidance isn’t easy at all. The school I signed up to recommended these two books so I ordered them on Amazon on 1st December:

I thought to myself “okay, I’ll get back into it when they arrive.”, I was genuinely excited about the books. Then, instead of  two weeks, the books took three weeks to get here.

THREE WEEKS. They only arrived yesterday.

So, if you were wondering what I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been shopping for winter clothing for Thomas and I as we are going to Sapporo on 31st December. It will be my first time visiting a country during winter therefore quite a lot of shopping to get done. I also did some home decorating, Christmas shopping, dinner planning for our family and friends and of course, Netflix. Everything but coding which I conscientiously reminded myself to do but to no avail.

I’ve long decided to not give myself a hard time about it considering my life will be more than hectic once my intensive 12-week course begins.

Oh, and something else happened. I’d been wanting to do voluntary work for awhile now but never got around to it and a few days ago, I finally took action. It happened by chance, really. I was shopping around for flowers for a friend who wasn’t feeling her best with the intention to cheer her up and just after I confirmed my order, I went to the ‘About’ section to read up on the company. I found their story and cause interesting and decided to get involved. I reached out and met the founder of the company today. The story of how she started the company was highly inspiring and makes me want to do more for others while I’m still able. This social enterprise focuses on giving back to the society through floral movements – read more about them here. I’m super thrilled to get started with this.

There are many types of happiness in this world and I must say giving provides an indescribable sense of gratification from within which in turn creates the type of happiness that makes your heart so full you feel like it could explode. It’s a good feeling I want to feel over and over.

And over.

4 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happiness

  1. You know what you have achieved is great!!!! It doesn’t matter if you’re not coding for 3 weeks, start when you fell comfortable. I am like you!!!! I self taught myself , sometimes it gets frustrating, but what’s not? . Take your time you will be successful. Happy holidays 🙂

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